Becoming pregnant is a gift and you want to be as present as possible during the process so that you can truly celebrate the miracle as it unfolds each day.  Taking care of you body while pregnant and preparing for the dramatic experience of childbirth are two main chiropractic objectives.  Pregnant women are particularly prone low back pain, mid back pain, sciatica, neck pain, and hip pain.  Most of this comes from the additional strain that an increased anterior weight bearing load can create.  When the baby starts to grow and your belly really starts to show then you can easily see how your center of gravity translates forward with the weight your body now carries in the front.  Also, trauma from delivery that involves the baby and the mother can be reduced or prevented by chiropractic adjustments that balance the pelvis and provide a smooth transition during birth.  So even if you have no pain with your pregnancy you may still have misalignment that can lead to complications when you deliver.  Dr. Toth also recommends wellness adjustments while pregnant to stay balanced during the process.



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Dr. Toth has completed a postgraduate certification with the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association for the understanding and treatment of conditions related to children and pregnant women.  After a thorough orthopedic, neurological, postural and spinal assessment Dr. Toth will perform a gentle adjustment and give recommendations for lifestyle modifications and necessary exercises.

Breech babies can also be turned with chiropractic care as the due date approaches. The breech position is problematic for many reasons but mostly it increases the chances for a cesarean section delivery.  By using gentle adjustments, called the Webster technique, chiropractic can balance the pelvic alignment and allow the baby to turn itself.  This is a safe and non-invasive method that can be done with just a few visits to the chiropractor

All adjustments are 100% safe for the baby and mother.  Using a gentle hands on approach pregnant women can get adjusted throughout the entire term of their pregnancy up until the very day they deliver. Dr. Toth utilizes a gentle hands on approach that is sensitive to the unique needs of each persons body.

Its also important to consider chiropractic care for the mother and baby immediately after the birth of your infant.  The body is often traumatized with such a dramatic event and balancing the alignment can accelerate the healing process so that no long term issues develop over time.  Also during the breastfeeding period a new kind of strain can develop while holding an infant for prolonged periods of time.  Chiropractic can help decompress tension and pain that interferes with enjoying the precious time you have to bond with your baby.