Surprising Ways of Chiropractic Neck Adjustments

Neck pain can occur due to many reasons such as poor posture, muscle strain, trauma, and even bone and joint abnormalities. If neck pain is ignored, it could also lead to discomfort in the shoulders and other regions of the body. This is why Dr. Toth, a chiropractor for neck pain in Santa Rosa, uses a “whole-person” approach to relieve not just neck pain, but also to promote well-being and total health in his patients.

Techniques or Adjustments Used to Treat Neck Pain

Cervical Mobilization – During cervical mobilization, you will be made to lie on your back and relax while your chiropractor will gently but firmly move your vertebra in your neck right to left and vice versa. While doing so, he will alternate between the figure 8 movements and side to side motion at varying degrees, thereby moving your head backwards, forwards, and side to side. The goal of this smooth and non-thrust type of stretch is to reduce fixations where motion is restricted. Sometimes, an oscillatory movement with the hands may also be employed to make your neck more mobile.

Cervical Manual Traction – This is a commonly used technique to treat excruciating neck pain. Your chiropractor will exert slight pressure, and gently pull on your neck, so as to stretch the cervical area of your spine at different backward and forward angles in order to reduce tension in the neck. This technique is often used in conjunction with the cervical mobilization method wherein the chiropractors manually move the vertebra in your neck.

Cervical “Drop” Techniques – During a cervical drop, you will be made to lie either on your stomach or your side on a special type of table wherein the head drop piece is set into a locked position. Your chiropractor will then place his hand or finger over a specific spinal segment that requires adjustment. Thereafter, a medium to high velocity thrust is applied until the drop section of the table releases and drops. This is done to reduce the restricted motion of the vertebra, and facilitate a better range of motion. This method doesn’t entail the twisting or rotation of the head or neck or joint cavitation as is the case in traditional chiropractic adjustments.

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