Have You Considered Chiropractic Wellness Care?

One of the most frequent questions I get everyday is whether a patients problem is muscular or bone and joint related? Should they get adjusted or do stretching and massage to treat their complaint? This is an important distinction for people because they are usually asking whether I can help them or not. Almost always the best answer is a combination of many things, but the truth under the answer is that a chiropractic wellness adjustment has profound effect on the muscles of the body and spine. So even if the chiropractic alignment is really problematic, most of the time the muscles are also deeply affected and must be addressed to effect a long term change.

So my adjustments almost always come with some recommendations about how to care for the muscles. Then there are situations where very little adjustment is actually needed and more stretching and myofascial release is required. Identifying these situations is an important part of how I determine how much chiropractic wellness care a patient actually needs and how much home care a patient needs to employ in order to resolve their complaint.

If you are uncertain about what is causing your problem and you don’t know whether chiropractic wellness is the right direction for treatment then make an appointment for a consultation so that we can point you in the right direction. I wish you great health in the new year and all the best for your family!