Take These Steps When You Have Back Spasms

Back spasms are contractions in back muscles that you cannot control when you want to relax them. Spasms (sudden, uncontrollable muscle movement) can occur in any muscle and cause pain. A lack of physical activity, excessive workouts, dietary problems, mental health issues, and other factors can cause spasms. They may last from a few minutes to days or weeks, generally occurring in intervals.

Back spasms sometimes cause unbearable pain and may indicate some serious health problems. When you are in intense pain due to back spasms, it is advised to consult a general physician. However, you may also take the following steps to get instant relief.

Take a hot-water shower.

Note – never use scorching water as it can cause skin burns; instead, use mildly hot water.

When you bathe in hot water, heat from the water relaxes your muscles and improves blood flow. As your blood carries nutrients necessary for muscles to treat, a hot-water shower helps relieve the pain and boost recovery.

You can also use and put hot packs (water or gel based) on paining muscles to get some relief. If you are living in Santa Rosa and tired of trying several home remedies, consider back spasm treatment in Santa Rosa after consulting a trusted chiropractor like Dr. Toth. To schedule an appointment today, call (707) 526-1390.

Use over-the-counter medication.

If you don’t get relief with a hot-water bath or hot pack, you can apply over-the-counter pain-relief medicated creams, especially for muscle spasms. Most topical creams contain salicylates, counterirritants, or lidocaine – all effective in helping relieve back spasm pain.

But avoid applying more than four times a day and more than required. Apply the cream forming a thin layer only, as an excessive application may result in side effects.

Increase your intake of electrolytes.

Electrolytes are minerals and body fluids in your blood. Potassium, calcium, and magnesium are some minerals that fall into the Electrolytes category. These minerals help control contractions of muscles throughout your body, which is why you should take enough of these minerals to get rid of back spasm pain. Also, eat whole foods, including potatoes, eggs, spinach, avocados, and meat, as they contain high amounts of essential minerals.

Massage the spasm-affected muscles

Many times, minor back spasms can be treated with a gentle massage on the paining muscles. For example, if you have a spasm in your neck, you can gently massage it to release tension and stretch the contracted muscles to attain relaxation. You might not be able to massage some areas of your back; for those, you may take help from your family members. In case of intense pain, massage the muscles while applying an effective over-the-counter pain relief cream.

Back spasm treatment

There can be various causes of back spasms that could be diagnosed with the help of medical professionals. If you are looking for back spasm treatment in Santa Rosa, contact Dr. Toth. The team at Toth Chiropractic provides the best chiropractic services in Sonoma County. To schedule an appointment today, call (707) 526-1390.