Chiropractic Manipulation for the Cervical Spine

The cervical column has seven bones uniquely shaped to protect the spinal cord. It allows the neck to move in all directions. Age, injury, diseases, or poor posture can all play a part in the degradation of the joints or bones in the cervical spine.

The best chiropractors in Santa Rosa can help alleviate pressure and pain in your cervical spine to help you regain a sense of comfort and improve your quality of life.

Cervical Spine Disorders Affect Patients’ Quality of Life

A cervical spine disorder can affect the mobility of the neck and the person’s ability to use their hands or arms (if the nerve roots are damaged). Some common symptoms of cervical spine disorders include muscle spasms in the leg, neck, or arm and pain and headaches.

Cervical spine disorders cause pain that may interfere with daily activities. A cervical spine disorder can also affect mental health. Many people with cervical spine disorders have anxiety (which can stem from decreased mobility). Anxiety increases a person’s risk for depression.

Many doctors recommend chiropractic care to their patients with cervical spine disorders. A chiropractor uses hands-on manipulations to restore alignment to the affected joint.

Treatment Goals 

Most treatments aim to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and restore function to the affected parts.

In the first meeting, your chiropractor will ask you questions about your lifestyle. They may order an X-ray, blood or urine test, CT, MRI, EMG/NCV, and perform physical tests to understand your problem better. Once your chiropractor gets to the bottom of the problem, they will create a customized treatment plan that is personalized to your body and needs.

Types of Chiropractic Manipulation Used to Treat Cervical Spine Disorders

Cervical Spine Manipulation 

A high velocity, low-amplitude technique, cervical spine manipulation is considered the traditional form of chiropractic treatment. Cervical spine manipulations can be performed for the upper, mid, and lower cervical spine. These manipulations involve performing short and quick thrusts on the affected joint to restore normal range of motion.

Cervical Spine Mobilization

This is a low-velocity, low-amplitude technique. It involves less forceful adjustments than cervical spine manipulation. The affected joint is gently moved through the range of motion.


Your chiropractor may combine different approaches. The professional’s decision will depend on different factors such as your comfort and preferences, your chiropractor’s past experiences and observations made during the course of treatments, and your response to the treatment.

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