5 Reasons to Choose Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

Car accidents leave around 20-50 million people injured every year. Vehicle accident injuries can result in anything from minor sprains to life-altering injuries that can severely impact a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health as well as their ability to earn. In many cases, people injured in car accidents do not feel pain immediately after the mishap. Not all car accident injuries are obvious. Some neuromuscular injuries do not show up for several days after the incident. To ensure injuries do not go undetected for a long time, people injured in a car accident must consult an auto accident chiropractor in Santa Rosa. Chiropractors are trained to identify signs of neuromuscular disorders caused due to an injury. An auto accident chiropractor in Santa Rosa develops a plan to help fast-track the recovery of their patients who sustained injuries in a car accident. Here are some reasons why seeing a chiropractor after a car accident should top your priority list.

A Chiropractor Can Help Reduce the Risk of Inflammation

Though getting an X-ray is the first thing that many people do after a car accident, they must remember that an X-ray won’t reveal micro-tears in ligaments and muscles that may cause severe pain. An experienced chiropractor can help allay pain caused due to ligament tears and other injuries. A chiropractor is adept at manipulating the spine to help the body release an anti-inflammatory substance called IL-6 that activates immune responses.

An Expert Can Help Manage Chronic Pain

People who sustain injuries in an auto accident generally experience chronic pain that flares up from different parts of the body. An experienced chiropractor helps their patients manage pain by manipulating different body parts to release pain-reducing hormones. Chiropractic manipulation is a safer and natural alternative to drugs that may have side effects.

Chiropractic Care Works

The recovery time for people who receive chiropractic care after a car accident is usually less than those who don’t. Patients who seek the help of a chiropractor can return to work shortly after the incident. They can return to their normal routine and lead an active and healthy life. They also do not have to think about undergoing surgery (unless necessary) or taking drugs.

Chiropractic Care Speeds Up Recovery

Inflammation caused due to an injury sustained in a car accident can slow the healing process. To address this problem, chiropractors mobilize the spine. When the spine is aligned properly, blood and nutrients can travel freely to the affected parts. This accelerates the rate of recovery.

Chiropractic Care Reduces Scar Tissues

A car accident injury can scar tissues internally. Scar tissues can cause discomfort and pain. Though scar tissues heal naturally, the process takes time. A chiropractor can speed up the process by performing various manipulations.

There are more benefits of consulting a chiropractor after a car accident than you could imagine. A chiropractor can help their patients get their lives back on track after a devastating accident. At Toth Chiropractic, we are committed to helping people recover swiftly after a car accident. Our culture of care and empathy gives us an edge over other clinics. To talk to our expert, call us at (707) 526-1390.