Chiropractic Care Can Help in Reducing Joint Inflammation

Joints in the body are a complex mechanism, and every part in a joint has a role to play to ensure the right movement of the joints. Due to constant use, wear, and tear, joints can get inflamed, making joint movements painful and uncomfortable. If you have joint inflammation, do not think twice before consulting a chiropractor in Santa Rosa, like Dr. Toth.

Understanding Joint Inflammation

Inflammation is nothing but the immune response of the body. When you injure any part of your body, it will get inflamed. This inflammation helps in healing the injury. In some instances, your immune system attacks your joints, as is the case with rheumatoid arthritis. In other instances, wear and tear, the normal aging process, or overuse can result in joint inflammation. You will see this in osteoarthritis.

Joint inflammation can result in swollen and painful joints, stiffness of the joint, and redness. This inflammation causes the joint to lose its range of motion and function. At times, the chemicals in the body that fight the infection can leak into the surrounding tissues, resulting in visible swelling. When this happens, the nerves get stimulated, leading to pain.

In some people, specific foods can trigger inflammation of the joints. Some of the foods associated with joint inflammation include alcohol, sugars, refined flour, trans fat, gluten, and MSG. By cutting down these foods, many people observe a reduction in inflammation.

Chiropractic Care and Joint Inflammation

If you suffer from joint inflammation, an experienced chiropractor in Santa Rosa will be able to help you out. Using joint adjustments, a chiropractor will be able to treat the inflammation. It is prudent to realize that the cause of the inflammation can vary from person to person. Hence, the chiropractor will customize the treatment to enable each patient to enjoy maximum benefits.

Besides joint adjustments, a chiropractor may also advocate ice packs and ultrasound therapy. In addition, movement therapies could provide additional benefits. Therapies, such as tai chi and yoga, help strengthen muscles and ensure your joints do not take a beating. The chiropractor will also ask you to give the joint some rest to enable healing.

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced, and certified chiropractor in Santa Rosa to help you get the right chiropractic care for inflamed joints, Toth Chiropractic is the name you can trust. Call us today at (707) 526-1390 to speak to a reputable chiropractor, and make sure you follow the chiropractor’s advice for optimal results.