Spinal Stenosis and How Your Chiropractor Can Help

Are you suffering from excruciating muscle spasms, leg cramps, tingling, numbness, leg weakness and/or back pain? If so, you definitely need to take notice as you could be suffering from spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal cord canal narrows down. If not addressed in time, it can gradually compress the spinal nerve roots. A visit to a reliable chiropractor in Santa Rosa is perhaps all you need to get on your feet again. Read on to know more about spinal stenosis, and how it can be treated.

Additional Signs You Need to Pay Attention to

When the canal in the lower back starts to narrow down, an individual may usually experience:

  • Abnormal bladder and bowel function
  • Pain in the feet when walking
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Relief is felt when sitting or leaning forward

Some may even experience spinal stenosis in the neck, and have symptoms such as:

  • Partial paralysis and body weakness
  • Complete paralysis

While not common, it is certainly a very dangerous condition.

What Causes Spinal Stenosis?

Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of spinal stenosis. This happens as we age, and our bodies are more prone to physical stresses and repetitive injuries. Individuals who spend a great deal of their time staying inactive or sitting are more likely to develop osteoarthritis. Over time, this condition creates pressure on the spinal cord.

Besides this, there are many other reasons as well:

  • A poor posture or spine injury
  • Cysts or tumors
  • Thickened ligaments or spine injury
  • Disc herniation or previous surgery

People over the age of 50 with largely sedentary lifestyles make up the largest group suffering from this condition.

How Can a Chiropractor Assist With This Condition?

If you are a victim of spinal stenosis, it can be difficult for an important part of your nervous system to transmit messages with the same level of precision. A good chiropractor can accurately diagnose and treat this condition so that your pain and discomfort are relieved.

When you have spinal stenosis, finding the right chiropractor in Santa Rosa can prevent the condition from getting worse. Although it does not heal this condition, it definitely helps slow down the progression.

With chiropractic care, you obtain proper alignment. This makes it effortless for your nervous system to transmit messages without any interruptions so your body can function the way it is supposed to. Once the diagnosis is made, your chiropractor can gently apply adjustments to restore range of motion. It also helps in the distribution of the spine’s weight and allows your spine to return to its normal function.

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