How Chiropractors at Toth Chiropractic Can Help with Back Spasm Treatment

Chronic back spasms can be rather painful and make the simplest of chores hard to perform. According to medical experts, there are several causes of chronic back spasms that can leave you debilitated. Thankfully, you can undergo back spasm treatment in Santa Rosa at Toth Chiropractic to reduce both the severity as well as recurrence of muscle spasms.

How are muscle spasms in the back caused?

Muscle spasms in the back are generally a kind of response pain. This occurs when the body tries to protect itself. For instance, shoulder impingement can lead to muscle spasms. Yet another common cause of muscle spasm, especially among athletes, is facet joints. When the injury is not the causative factor, spasms may have several other causes such as –

  • Poor nutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Weak muscles
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

It is extremely important to get the right diagnosis, and correct the underlying condition and not just the residual spasms in order to completely relieve pain. Once the underlying cause has been identified, treatment options can be discussed.

How Your Chiropractor at Toth Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractors are trained not just to treat the spine, but also muscle spasms. When you opt for regular adjustments, the chiropractor will ensure there is no tightness in your muscles that can lead to spasms. A trained chiropractor will use hands-on adjustments that helps align your body, and relieves the pressure off the nerves and soft tissues. These treatments also reduce the nerve signals that may be causing involuntary contractions.

At Toth Chiropractic, your chiropractor may also recommend massage therapy in conjunction with regular adjustments so as to help relax the muscles that may be prone to spasm. Massage also helps in dramatically reducing any inflammation that occurs due to cramps and spasms.

Unlike most other chiropractors, at Toth Chiropractic, your doctor will also offer you nutritional advice which will further aid in reducing chronic spasms. For instance, if you are dehydrated, you could be suffering from an electrolytic imbalance that can be treated by drinking water.

You do not have to suffer from back spasms! There is a solution to it. If you suffer from back spasms rather frequently, there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Do not let back spasms get the better of you, contact Toth Chiropractic for back spasm treatment in Santa Rosa today! Call us at (707) 526-1390 to schedule an appointment.