Can Chiropractic Help My Immune System?

If your immunity is not as good as you think it should be, and you suffer from colds and allergies all the time, it is time to think about considering chiropractic care in Santa Rosa. You may be wondering what could be the connection between your immune system and your spine. Read on to know more!

The Nervous System and Your Immunity

Your nervous system is comprised of a network of nerves, the spinal cord, and your brain. This system controls practically everything in your body, right from the cells to the organs. Hence, if your spine is not in good health, it will affect the functioning of the body. That is why you need chiropractic care in Santa Rosa. Once your spine is aligned, it will help your nervous system function optimally.

You should also know that the functioning of your endocrine system and immune system is also controlled by the nervous system. So, any misalignment of the spine will irritate the nerves that lead to these systems. As a result, your immunity will be adversely affected. Once this happens, you will be more susceptible to getting ailments.

The nervous system also controls your hormones through the endocrine system. Thus, if the nervous system is subjected to stress, your body will release more cortisol to combat the stress. Cortisol can affect the functioning of the immune system. That is one of the main reasons why you tend to contract common ailments when you are stressed.

Now you know the connection between your nervous system and your immune system. This association makes finding a place for chiropractic care in Santa Rosa an important aspect of your healthcare regimen.

How a Chiropractor Can Help You

A chiropractor is trained to find and treat misalignments in the body. When you opt for chiropractic adjustments, it will minimize stress that your nervous system is subjected to due to over-stimulation. As a result, your nervous system will function optimally; and in doing so, it will help your immune system to function normally

The moment you feel a tickle in your throat or you have a head cold or stuffy nose, it is time to schedule a visit to a chiropractic office in Santa Rosa. The chiropractor will adjust your spine, and before you know it, all signs of a possible cold will disappear as your immune system will fight it after the adjustment. Besides common cold, chiropractic adjustment can also help your body fight other ailments and health conditions as your white blood cell count increases.

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