Discover the Leading Facts on Chiropractic Work from the Best Local Chiropractor in Santa Rosa

In understanding the value of chiropractic services and discovering more about their benefits, it’s important that you learn more about the industry. Our team at Dr. Toth has significant experience in completing chiropractic work for clients across the country and as the best local chiropractor in Santa Rosa, we’re highlighting a few facts surrounding the industry.

32 NFL Teams use Chiropractors

The data shows that all 32 NFL teams use chiropractors within their staff. They work with experts to treat musculoskeletal issues and pain problems as a result of the intensive training and games athletes go through.

One million adjustments take place across the globe each day

The studies show that one million chiropractic adjustments take place across the globe each day.

Chiropractors are recognized in 40 countries

Recent data on chiropractic work around the globe showed that the practice is now recognized in 40 countries for the benefits it can provide patients.

An injured worker is 28-times less likely to require surgery if they see a chiropractor first

Research continues to highlight the benefits that chiropractic work can have on injuries. For example, workers are 28 times less likely to require surgery if they first have contact with a chiropractor before a surgeon.

Treatment for back pain offered by a DC costs 20% less than treatment by an MD

You’ll save money when you have your lower back pain treated by a Doctor of Chiropractic rather than an Medical Doctor. It’s why many are now seeking the best chiropractor in Santa Rosa for their pain symptoms.

The first chiropractic adjustment was given in 1895

The world’s introduction to the value of chiropractic work took place in 1895, when Daniel David Palmer helped a janitor, Harvey Lillard improve his condition after a back accident.

The term “chiropractic” is a combination of two Grecian words

The term chiropractic stems from the Grecian words cheir which means hand, and praktos which means done. The phrase becomes done by hand when translated.

Now that you know a little more about chiropractic work and its value, it’s time to turn to the best chiropractor in Santa Rosa for help resolving your pain issues. To learn more, call our team today to book your consultation.