Suffering from Text Neck? Chiropractors in Santa Rosa can help you Overcome it

Modern technology is indeed amazing, as you have the whole world in your palm at the touch of your fingertips. But with instant information and entertainment, it also brings you myriad health issues such as text neck. Text neck is a trending topic these days. While the name may sound somewhat comical, the condition has become increasingly common among all age groups. Chiropractors in Santa Rosa say that text neck is a serious issue, which, if left untreated, can pose other health issues.

Important Facts on Text Neck

Before you seek treatment for text neck, it is important to understand what it is, and realize some startling facts about this condition. If left unattended, this condition can lead to long term forward neck posture that in turn can cause pinched nerves, or disc herniation. This condition can also adversely impact the natural curve that you must have in your neck. The X-rays of a healthy person will show a subtle curvature in their spine as opposed to an alarmingly straight spine in those who suffer from text neck.

The average adult head weighs anything between 10 to 12 pounds. When you tilt your head toward the floor to look at your smart phone or handheld device, you are unknowingly increasing the gravitational pull exerted on your neck, and thereby applying a lot of pressure to this delicate region of your spine. Doctors opine that this force is equivalent of a whopping 60 lbs. of extra weight.

Those who suffer from this condition begin to feel discomfort, tightness, and even pain in their shoulders, neck, and upper back. Text neck can also lead to the exertion or excessive pressure on your nervous system which can translate to pain and discomfort all over the body, along with bouts of headaches among other health issues.

Simple Tips to Reduce Text Neck

Listed below are a few simple strategies that can mitigate the many risks posed by the excessive use of handheld devices.

Hold your device at eye level. This will negate the need to crane your neck that leads to text neck.

  • Try and look down with your eyes instead of tilting your head.
  • Use a holder that can hold your phone or tablet, so your arms and shoulders are free.
  • Always be mindful of your posture. Keep your head in a neutral position, your shoulders relaxed, and your wrists straight. Straining your muscles in the neck and shoulders can lead to chronic pain.
  • Take a 3-minute break for every 20 minutes you spend on your device.

You will also benefit greatly by seeking chiropractic care. Chiropractors in Santa Rosa can help relieve the pain and stress built up in your muscles through spinal manipulations. They will also recommend exercises and stretches that will further alleviate the inflammation and stress in your neck. If you think the pain in your neck is from text neck, contact Toth Chiropractic to schedule an appointment today!