Have You Been in An Accident? An Auto Accident Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Can Help!

Get yourself checked out. Even if you don’t have obvious injuries, there could be more subtle damage. You should contact an auto accident chiropractor in Santa Rosa at your earliest convenience, after dealing with the police and any other immediate issues.

The right chiropractor can be a huge help to you during your recovery, and afterward.

Four Ways an Auto Accident Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Can Help You

1. Checking for non-obvious injuries

Not all vehicle accidents involve blood and broken bones. All too often, the injuries are subtle and somewhat hidden, particularly if they involve the head, neck, back, or spine. Back or spinal damage can take a long time to become apparent, often not until permanent damage has been done through neglect.

A chiropractor specializes in head, neck, back, and spinal issues. They can check you over for any damage the EMTs on-site missed.

2. Reducing inflammation

Even if there are no major hidden injuries, all too often, someone who’s been in a car accident will be in more pain a couple days after the accident than on the day of. This is because there have been numerous minor injuries all over their body – such as sprained joints and tendons – which all begin to swell up.

Seeing a chiropractor promptly can greatly reduce the swelling and save you a lot of discomfort during your post-accident recovery.

3. Drug-free pain relief

At this point, it’s basically a cliché that some doctors will give drugs to many patients – even potent and addictive opiate painkillers. Many people each year end up addicted to opiates, often due to circumstances such as car accidents, and have very few good options for kicking the habit.

Seeing a chiropractor can avoid this. Chiropractic care is 100% natural drug-free pain relief.

4. Get vital expert documentation for claims

If you need to file claims with insurance companies, or with the police, you need a medical expert to testify to your injuries and long-term damage. The right auto accident chiropractor in Santa Rosa will be happy to help you with this process and ensure you have all the documentation you need.

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