How the Best Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Can Help with Sciatica Pain

Can the best chiropractor in Santa Rosa help with your sciatica pain? Yes!

Sciatica is a blanket condition name covering a range of problems that can occur with the sciatic nerve, a large and important nerve in the lower back which attaches directly to the spine. Sciatica can manifest as stabbing pain, a burning sensation, or even a feeling of numbness in the lower back and buttocks.

Sciatica is a condition that a great chiropractor in Santa Rosa can definitely help with. It stems directly from spinal issues, and chiropractic focuses on curing issues with the spine.

Ways That the Best Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Can Alleviate Sciatica

There are several issues that can cause sciatica, but most of them involve misalignments in the lower spine. Simply put, the vertebra shifts out of alignment in such a way that they start putting direct pressure on the sciatic nerve. This causes the nerve to trigger constantly, and in a way, your brain doesn’t quite know how to deal with. That’s why there is such a range of symptoms attached to sciatica – it’s your brain attempting to interpret confusing information from the sciatic nerve.

Either way, if the pressure on the nerve is relieved, the sciatica usually goes away.

In most cases, one or more standard chiropractic adjustments are all that is needed. With some gentle pressure and movements, a skilled chiropractor can re-align your spin so that all the vertebra are properly positioned, and no longer placing undue pressure on the sciatic or any other nerve. This doesn’t only relieve sciatica, it can also help with a wide range of ailments being caused by improper nerve function!

Sometimes, a patient may have other issues where direct physical manipulation of the spine isn’t recommended. In these cases, a good chiropractor will have other tools at their disposal. For example, in some cases, the misalignment may be caused by overly-tight back muscles squeezing the spine. In these cases, a TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) may be used to make the back muscles release their grip.

This range of techniques just makes it more likely your chiropractor can handle your sciatica!

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