4 Questions You Should Ask for Finding the Best Chiropractor in Santa Rosa

At Toth Chiropractic, we know that with so much increased interest in chiropractic care, it can be difficult trying to find the best chiropractor in Santa Rosa. It can sometimes be hard to tell the experienced and dedicated chiropractors from those who are simply jumping onto the latest trend bandwagon.

Finding the best chiropractor in Santa Rosa can be even more difficult for patients who are, themselves, new to chiropractic. When a person doesn’t know much about a subject, it’s hard to even know what questions to ask. Well, here are some questions you definitely should be asking before settling on a chiropractor!

Four Questions to Ask to Ensure You’ll Receive Top Quality Chiropractic Care

Will I be treated on the first visit?

In most cases, a chiropractor will be performing adjustments and treatment on a patient’s first visit to the clinic. The only exception to this should be if the chiropractor has good reason to think there are significant physical problems that require deeper investigation, such as if you have recently been in an accident. If they won’t treat you on your first visit, they should have a very good reason for this.

Will I have to get an X-Ray?

Some chiropractors have developed a reputation for taking many X-Rays, but it’s mostly based on a small group who are over-cautious. Like in question 1, a chiropractor shouldn’t be X-Raying you unless they have good reason to suspect serious internal problems.

How much face time will I get with my chiropractor?

Sadly, some chiropractors have become more concerned with the quantity of their patient list, rather than the quality of their patient care. This leads them to only schedule a few minutes per patient, so they can fit in the most people per day. Avoid such chiropractors – you won’t get the direct attention you need.

Will I be given at-home exercises?

Good chiropractic care almost always involves a combination of in-office readjustments as well as exercises for the patient to do on their own time. If a chiropractor isn’t in the habit of recommending at-home exercises, they probably aren’t doing a very thorough job.

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