Back Spasm Treatment Santa Rosa

Injuries of all kinds happen to us at various times, some more severe than others. Our spine is at the center of a complex web of muscles, tendons and ligaments and it’s easy for our muscles to react to trauma. Often people are looking for back spasm treatment Santa Rosa because they have hurt themselves bending awkwardly, dong a sport they enjoy or injured themselves in a car accident. Either way it’s important to see the right doctor for the right treatment and the right time. Letting injuries like these go without treatment can turn a small problem into a chronic issue that can take years to resolve.

Chiropractic is a powerful biomechanical approach to physical medicine that has profound effects on the bones, joints muscles and ligaments of the body. Because chiropractors are so focused on the alignment of the body they can offer back spasm treatment Santa Rosa and fix the problem. Whether it’s a big spasm in the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, quadratus lumborum, or erector spinae muscles or a small spasm in the multifidi, intertransversarii, or interspinalis muscles they can be painful and restrict movement enough to interfere with work. Lost time from work and lost time at home being productive can impact our whole life and create extra strain on our family relationships. See a chiropractor for back spasm treatment Santa Rosa before it goes too long!