Your Local Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Advises Patients on Osteoporosis

People are living to be older than they ever have in history and at the same time people are expecting those older years to be more enjoyable than what their parents experienced at a similar age. As a chiropractor Santa Rosa I see many of these people becoming concerned about bone density in these later years because it means so much about staying active and what that looks like to them. Every person has a sport or activity that they enjoy and they want to know, “can I keep doing what I love when I get older?”

Of course a DXA scan is the best ways to measure bone density and women who are thin and Caucasian or Asian have the highest risks, so get scanned to get informed. Once you know your bone density status consult with a chiropractor Santa Rosa to help understand how that translates into possible limitations for your body and your lifestyle. If you have osteoporosis there may be certain areas more affected than others which may define the activities that pose the most risk for fracture and which activities you should avoid. However, it’s important to remember that activity in general helps to maintain bone density since bone grows in response to stress. So weight bearing exercise is usually part of the recommendation when treating or preventing osteoporosis.

And remember there is a difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis. The basic idea is the same, that bone density has diminished in both cases, but the risk of fracture when you have osteoporosis is much greater. So early detection is an important way to catch the onset of osteoporosis before it becomes a more serious issue.