How an Auto Accident Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Can Help You

Balance and alignment of our body is a central principle in our biomechanical health, everything we do either puts strain on our alignment or restores balance. Even minor repetitive motions slowly degrade alignment over time but it’s the bigger traumas that can create more lasting permanent problems. Dr. Toth is an auto accident chiropractor Santa Rosa and advises a thorough assessment after a motor vehicle collision. When two cars collide the forces involved travel rapidly through the vehicle and send the body through a whipping movement that can severely injure the sensitive muscles and ligaments around the spine. This is called whiplash and can affect the neck, mid back and low back. Other injuries in the body are usually the result of the persons body hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or side door. And more severe collisions can end up really nasty, but we will leave more serious injury to the emergency room doctors to treat!

Any person involved in a motor vehicle collision should have their alignment evaluated by an auto accident chiropractor in Santa Rosa. Even minor impacts can cause whiplash injuries and even affect the curvatures of the spine. Loss of cervical lordosis is a very common diagnosis on top of the whiplash injuries. Our spine has a normal curvature in the neck that is called a lordosis, but with whiplash trauma we can easily lose this natural curvature in the neck. If left untreated this condition can set us up for chronic neck pain and periodic episodes for years to come. An auto accident chiropractor in Santa Rosa can intervene in the early phase of healing and help correct this problem. By taking an x-ray you can see what happened with the accident and what needs to be done to fix the problem.