Neck Pain Treatment with Santa Rosa Chiropractor

We have all experienced a little neck pain at some point in our life. It can happen from sleeping in a different bed, bad posture, a long flight, a big weekend riding bike or even just turning suddenly in the shower. Sometimes it’s something small that we do and sometimes it’s after a big trauma. However, after an evaluation by Dr. Toth, your local Santa Rosa Chiropractor you will probably hear that the misalignment in your neck can predispose you to more neck pain. This is because when the muscles and ligaments have to strain to hold everything in place then they are more prone to injury. Also if you have an injury to your neck and you already have misalignment present then it will take much longer to heal. Dr. Toth is a Santa Rosa chiropractor who does evaluations on the alignment of the neck and can diagnose conditions that may be treated with chiropractic therapy.

In order to determine the severity of the problem and the kind of treatment Dr. Toth will perform a thorough exam which includes:

  • Orthopedic tests
  • Neurological tests
  • Postural assessment
  • Lifestyle consultation

After the exam then treatment of the neck pain will involve chiropractic manipulation, trigger point release, exercises, stretches, and instructions for self-care. It’s also important to rule out serious medical conditions that cause neck pain and have a clear idea of how the problem started. If you have more questions about conditions that involve neck pain contact us today!