Santa Rosa Chiropractic Advises Good Driving Posture

Chiropractic therapy is effective in treating pain and discomfort from chronic muscle tension. Every day my patients complain of shoulder pain, neck pain and low back pain from patterns of muscle tension that buildup over time. At our Santa Rosa Chiropractic office patients get relief by delivering gentle adjustments to correct the problems that develop from muscle tension and usually the cause is poor posture. We develop poor posture habits from our family, our work, hobbies and sports activities. Good posture is taught to us and we must learn to hold good posture while performing all movements all day long.

Driving is an activity that encourages the most unconscious body posture because there is so much focus on the cars and people around us and it’s dangerous to be distracted. Every day, Dr. Toth’s Santa Rosa Chiropractic office educates patients to correct postural habits while driving since we spend so much time in the car. The main principles are:
• Keep both hands on the wheel to discourage yourself from leaning to the side.
• Scoot your butt back against the seat to engage the lumbar support.
• Adjust headrest position and seat position to support a neutral posture
• Adjust mirrors for use in upright posture
• Relax shoulders and keep the head over the shoulders so the chin doesn’t reach forward
• Find a relaxed position for the legs that does not torque the pelvis and low back
With the right adjustments to the car and the right attitude about sitting upright you can make a significant impact on muscle tension buildup in your body!