Chiropractor Santa Rosa Explains the Neurology of the Adjustment

Our nervous system is the master system of the body, connected to every single cell in your entire body. It tells the body when to lift its arm, when to go to sleep, where to send oxygen, sets your heart rate and much more. As a chiropractor Santa Rosa we see the connection every day between the nervous system and the rest of the body because all the nerves must pass through the spine. All nerves start in the brain and then pass through a small opening called the intervertebral foramen located between each vertebra. They then connect to all the organs, muscles, bones, and various other systems of the body.

Also there is a special kind of nerve called a sympathetic chain ganglion. Dr. Toth is a chiropractor Santa Rosa that understands the stress response of the sympathetic nervous system and how a chiropractic misalignment can increase the fight or flight response in our body. When our nervous system favors the sympathetic firing then the other systems of our body do not function as well. Temporary sympathetic facilitation is normal but spinal misalignment can prolong the period of time our body spends in fight or flight.

It’s important to care for the health of your spine and nervous system because it has such a big impact on the rest of our health. If the electrical signals in our nerves are getting interference then the brain cannot regulate health in the body. It relies on this communication super highway of information going back and forth in order to do its job. Getting adjusted helps support our overall health.