Santa Rosa Chiropractic Office Recommends Anti-inflammatory Diet

Joint pain always involves some degree of inflammation, especially if its chronic pain. Whether it's from arthritis, tendonitis, torn cartilage, or torn ligaments the body produces inflammation as part of the healing process. White blood cells, swelling, and edema are all activated to repair and protect damaged joints and the tissue around them. With chronic pain, the inflammatory process can actually become more of an interference in the healing process and must be managed to create an opportunity for healing. But in our Santa Rosa Chiropractic office, instead of taking anti-inflammatory drugs that have side effects related to your stomach, liver, and kidneys, we recommend eliminating pro-inflammatory food from your diet and adding other good anti-inflammatory foods to your diet. Inflammatory foods include spicey food, garlic, onions, nightshades as well as sugar or anything that you may have an allergic reaction to. Food that fights inflammation includes turmeric, antioxidants, and meals high in fruits and vegetables. Consult with our Santa Rosa Chiropractic office for more information about diet and inflammation.