Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Recommends Posture Awareness

Good posture is a discipline that we must learn with time and practice every day. Just like anything that we have to learn, repetition is the key to success. But the motivation for practice requires staying focused on a goal and understanding the consequences of failure. Poor posture is the single greatest strain on our body. We are designed to stand on our feet, sit on our butt, crouch and bend and be active almost continuously. But our structure accumulates wear and tear unless these movements are performed correctly. We have a center of gravity that depends on our head over our shoulders, our shoulders over our hips and our hips over our knees. When we stand we should have healthy supination in the arch of the foot to provide shock absorption while walking, running, or jumping. When sitting our gaze should fall directly in front of us while using a computer, hands resting at 90 degrees, and feet flat on the floor. When this alignment is compromised then biomechanical dysfunction sets the stage for sudden injuries as well as degenerative changes. For these reasons, we must practice good posture on a daily basis. For a posture, analysis visits your chiropractor in Santa Rosa at Toth Chiropractic and learn more about how to keep your posture from straining the health of your body’s structure.