Your Local Chiropractor in Santa Rosa Explains Cracking Knuckles

We have all experienced some joints in our body cracking or popping at some time in our life and then we have all wondered whether we were hurting our body when they pop. For a long time as a kid I heard that cracking your knuckles would give you arthritis but now I am a chiropractor in Santa Rosa and I know that it’s a natural part of how our body moves and reacts to pressure. Gases are dissolved in the synovial fluid surrounding our joints and when that fluid is exposed to a change in pressure by stretching the joint capsule it pulls the gases out of solution. This chemical reaction of gasses coming out of solution causes a popping sound to occur!

However, there are a few things to consider about hearing the popping sound from the joints in your back. First, it’s a natural part of having a human body and when we move we sometimes pop or crack a joint and that is healthy. If we hear a lot of popping all the time, or you always hear a popping sound when you move a certain way then it’s time to see a chiropractor in Santa Rosa. Lots of popping is a sign that you are out of alignment and need to get adjusted to correct the alignment problem. Also, if you are intentionally popping and cracking your spine all the time it’s probably another indication to see a chiropractor because you are probably trying to relieve some tension or pain. And lastly, you should really be leaving the spinal popping and cracking to a professional like a chiropractor and not trying to do it yourself or at home. Anybody can pop or crack their back, only a chiropractor to actually correct the alignment to fix the cause of your pain or tension, you can easily make the problem worse by self-manipulating your back too much.