Exercising at Your Desk at Work! Deskercise?!

We can all get so carried away in spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, etc that we forget to stand up and walk to the water cooler to refresh our water. We believe in getting up and moving around while you’re working. It’ll keep you fresh and focused and will break up the day. We have compiled a few ideas to keep you moving during the day!

Set an alarm for 50 minutes, and work for 50 minutes, and when the alarm goes up stand up at your desk and jog in place for a few minutes, walk to refill your water, and then do ten pushups.

Do you have a swivel chair? Sit in your chair and pick your feet off the floor and hold the desk gently and twist, using your abs, the chair 15 times. Break and repeat.

Keep this one under wraps by toning your buttocks while staying seated. While responding to an email, squeeze your buttocks, and release after you’ve clicked send!

Desk Squats are great! While reading email, squat down and hold to read email, like you sitting in your chair – but there’s no chair! Then sit to respond and take a break, then squat while you read the next email. Remember good form – knees should stay over your toes and back should stay straight. Try not to hold on to the desk.

Shrug your shoulders while holding the paper reams, hold for 15 seconds, and repeat.

Enjoy your new deskercises!