Stretch Series

This installment of the stretch series focuses on stretching for those that have very active jobs. They’re lifting, squatting, standing for prolonged periods, or walking a lot. It is important to keep your mid back strong, relaxed, and limber. This is a great mid-back stretch that will also help relax you at the end of a long day.

Start by sitting on a stability ball.

Sitting on the stress ball

Then walk your legs out until you’re laying out flat on the ball, raise your hands over your head, and stretch.

Mid back end

Remember that during your stretches, you should be thinking, “Ahhh, that feels good.” You shouldn’t be thinking, “Ouch!”

With all of the lifting, bending, and standing, knee strength is key. These are some exercises to help strengthen your knees to keep you as active as your lifestyle requires!

Start this exercise with a resistance band around your knee and tie it to something sturdy to provide a bit of resistance.

Knee start

Then straighten the leg, using the knee and thigh muscles.

Knee end

Repeat 8-10 times on each side. Focus on slow, repetitions. Feel the stretch, if it starts to hurt or gets uncomfortable, lower the repetitions building up to 8-10.

A couple of variations of the above will help strengthen your knee and hips as well. And it feels amazing!

Knee Variation

Move the resistance band down to your ankle, still facing the stationary object tied to the band and in a controlled swinging motion, move your foot out behind you using the whole leg from the hip.

Turn your body and do the same thing in a controlled swinging motion, move your leg out in front of you and then circle it around to the starting position.

Knee Variation