An Overview of Chia

You might know (and love) chia from the good ole Chia Pet. Ch-ch-ch-chia!

You can still get this one from this website – who can resist a little kitten chia?!

Chia Pet

But chia seeds are actually quite good for you! It is a great source of healthy omega-3 fats and fiber and has many other health advantages – for example giving an energy boost, helping with digestion, lowering blood sugar, and regulating blood sugar. Chia seeds can be purchased from most health food stores as well as many grocery stores.

Chia Seeds

There are two kinds of chia seeds – white and black. Both are great choices! When purchasing chia steer clear of the immature chia seeds, which are red in color, and the black seeds which are smaller than regular chia seeds as these are often weed seeds.

Not sure how to include this great superfood into your diet? Look no further, some delicious recipes follow…

The Fresh Find has an amazing Skinny Banana Bread recipe that has ZERO white sugar and ZERO butter but adds chia seed and whole wheat flour instead of white flour!

Food and Wine Website has a delicious and healthy way to add chia seeds to your diet with Chia Seed Pudding. There is a chocolate version on

Another great way to sneak chia seeds into the family’s diet is to use them to thicken gravy, soups, or sauces. You can use them ground or whole to do this and use them the same way you would use cornstarch, as the mixture gets hotter, the chia seeds with thicken.

Chia Seeds

Does your family eat a lot of meatballs or meatloaf? In place of breadcrumbs, use chia seeds as a filler. Use about two tablespoons for every pound of meat.

Add a teaspoon or two to milkshakes and smoothies too.

Since Chia Seeds are tasteless, you can add them to anything, your family won’t know and they will be getting all the great nutrients and health benefits and you’ll be removing the empty calories and not so healthy additions to your family’s favorite meals.