A Life Long Commitment

Chiropractic is a lifetime commitment to your health because if you want to live to your fullest expression of life then you better be connected to the source of life within you. If you just assume that life is something that happens to you then you are probably content with accepting a mediocre life. But if you realize the quality of your life is in your own hands then you might do something to enhance it. You might say yes to an adventure, make an important commitment, exercise regularly, and develop good eating habits. You might do all the right things to nourish your spirit but how do you keep that connection alive in your body? Adjustments are about that connection. It’s about opening the channel above- down, and inside-out, waking up the transmission system that sometimes gets blocked and clogged. As much as we wish that we were totally free, it’s true that we have a deeply habitual nature that expresses itself physically. Getting adjusted means claiming the freedom that is waiting to be released within you. Can you ever have enough of that? That’s why getting adjusted over your life keeps you young and vital.