Primacy Of The Nervous System

Chiropractic makes a profound contribution to the health of our nervous system because spinal misalignment interferes with its proper function. The nervous system is the master system of the body and needs to be cared for like all aspects of our body and health. It controls our organ function, our immune system, our hormones, and all our muscles, and integrates all sense perception into a coherent experience of life. Or maybe not so coherent for some of us whose nervous systems are not balanced. There are two main modes of the nervous system: sympathetic which is responsible for fight or flight response, and parasympathetic which is responsible for rest and digest function. So even though it’s important to be able to fire the sympathetic mode for survival and achievement, it’s considered an emergency mode that uses enormous energy and disrupts certain day-to-day functions in order to accomplish its goal. Many of us over-depend on this mode for getting things done and we become depleted. We also depress our immune system, use a lower capacity of our organ function, secrete stress hormones, and adopt a defensive muscular posture. When this becomes chronic many symptoms can begin to manifest simply because our body cannot sustain a fight or flight mode of the nervous system for long periods of time. One of the key concepts in chiropractic is that we reinforce the parasympathetic mode of the nervous system with an adjustment, thereby restoring proper function. And since the body has a self-healing nature, people's symptoms begin to abate with chiropractic care. This is why chiropractic is a wellness approach to health and healing and why chiropractic should be a part of everybody’s life year in and year out regardless of whether there is pain. We should always cultivate our health and chiropractic offers a unique and powerful way to do that.