Caring For Our Body

True enjoyment of life occurs as a present-time experience of meeting things as they are without the need to change them to make us feel comfortable. Simple presence in life is the deepest enjoyment possible, not just passing highs and exhilarations or acquiring the things we want. But to truly embrace this truth we must be able to sit with the pain and discomfort that certain experiences bring without feeling victimized or paralyzed or traumatized. And nor should we martyr ourselves with painful experiences either. So that means we must also learn not only to be with all life experiences with acceptance but to respond to them properly and naturally. Pain and discomfort are information about circumstances so if pain results from an injury then we should care for that injury prudently and think about ways we can prevent it in the future. This describes how one would have an appropriate relationship with their body, first with awareness of our present time experience, then acceptance, then a proper response to that experience.