Healing Comes From Within

The philosophy of chiropractic care has a reputation for being centered around the alignment of the spine. And although this may be mostly true, the core of what is practiced is a mission to empower the body to heal itself. One of the most effective ways to do that is to get adjusted, but other things are important as well, including exercise, nutrition, community belonging, and mental balance. By honoring that the body can self-correct and intelligently adapt to stress and adverse events, we are forced to wonder how to support this inner force so we are not as likely to get sick or succumb to the complications of an injury. It’s a simple idea and contemplating this gave birth to chiropractic, just as it can give birth to many mundane choices we make on a daily basis. Simplify how you think about health, and you will empower your life to take an exponential leap in well-being.