Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth

I like to think of health as a bank account; we make deposits, and we make withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals are made based on our habits and also nature’s whims. Some we can control, others we take precautions for, and certain ones get the best of us. The idea behind habits that make deposits is most important when we consider the withdrawals we want to make. Some things that really give our lives meaning can make some pretty major withdrawals, like white water kayaking or running marathons, and we want to have enough in the bank to cover that debt. In fact, if we get really smart, not only are we in the habit of making deposits but we also learn to make withdrawals that we then deposit into other accounts. Like staying up all night for your sick spouse pulls resources from that sleep account but puts some back into the marriage account. The worst kind of accounting is when we habitually make withdrawals and put them in the trash. For example, when we binge on bad food, stay up late watching television, smoke, or consume drugs and alcohol, there is no deposit into another account. It just goes right into the garbage. Take an inventory and see what kind of deposits and withdrawals you are making. Chances are there is room to improve your net worth in health!