Cultivate Your Health on a Daily Basis

Personal empowerment in life is about finding what truth means to you. And often along the way, we are seduced by what other people say is the truth and forget to question its authenticity. This is especially true when we grow up exposed to certain things enough that they just seem normal.

Myth: the doctor, your insurance and the government will take care of your health. But most of us believe this myth is true. Why? Because that’s how everybody around us behaves. Or they are like some Clint Eastwood medical atheist who believes it’s okay to just die of neglect and never seek any help at all. I think we all know someone like that as well.

Rarely do people proactively guard and cultivate their health on a daily basis as they should to keep themselves strong. But this effort is necessary — I know we all wish life were about fun and what feels good now, but if it were, then Peter Pan would be our president. Life is about knowing the truth, taking responsibility for the truth and acting on the truth. Take control of your health now!