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"Helps relieve the pain"

Excellent chiropractor! I dated a chiropractor so I’ve had lots of adjustments over the years. Dr Toth always seems to know where the issues are and helps relieve the pain. I go in stoved up I leave with new flexibility.

Susanna J.
      "Now I’m Sleeping Well"

      Before seeing Dr. Toth I was having a lot of back pain while sleeping at night. I was constantly waking up at night in pain and not able to get enough sleep to feel energized for the day. It seemed like I was exhausted every day. Now I’m sleeping well and waking up feeling rested so I can run my business, I feel great!

      Jon D.
      "Feeling great and Functioning"

      I have been going to a chiropractor since I was a teenager. I have spinal degeneration and bones spurs that cause pinch nerves. I have seen a dozen chiropractors. It wasn't until I started seeing Dr Toth that I am able to live without pinch nerves or days that I can't get out of bed. Regular maintenance keeps me feeling great and functioning. He took care of me during all of my pregnancies and kept me going. I highly recommend Dr Toth and their office staff cares so much as is so wonderful. And with full transparency I am now married to Dr Toth. He is a wonderful chiropractor and good at what he does.

      Felice T.
      "Gentle and Effective"

      Dr. Toth is an extraordinary chiropractor. As an older woman with neck and mid-back issues, I find that his adjustments are gentle and effective. I have greater movement and less pain. He is a very skillful chiropractor. I would highly recommend you schedule an appointment.

      Terry M.
      "Meticulous and takes careful interest in every single one of my concerns."

      Dr. Toth is meticulous and takes careful interest in every single one of my concerns. Last week I had a linked neck and he thoroughly assessed my movement, discussed what happened and fixed me with one adjustment! I am always blown away every time I come in with something new, he takes his time to figure out the problem and like magic I feel so much better!

      Tricia C.
      "Always punctual with timing when I come in for my visits."

      I have been coming here for about 6 months now, and the staff is very friendly and accommodating! Toth Chiropractic has really helped me on my road to recovery after a car accident. They work with my busy schedule and are always punctual with timing when I come in for my visits. It is such a relief to be in and out of my appointments, with no wait times. I would recommend Dr. Toth for chiropractic and Vince for a 90 minute massage!

      Charlotte Maria W.
      "I highly recommend this chiropractor."

      I have been going to Dr. Toth’s office for over a month due to some chronic back pain. I can honestly say my pain is mostly gone! After 3 different chiropractors, I finally found someone who could pinpoint and treat the problem! When I first visited his office, my pain was a 10+, and now it’s down to a 2. We are working together to diminish the pain. I highly recommend this chiropractor.

      Catherine M.
      "The experience is wonderful!"

      I’ve been going to Dr. Toth for a little over a year now and every single time I go the experience is wonderful! I’m 5 months pregnant and he has been helping me with pregnancy discomfort. He also has a special pregnancy pillow for extra comfort and support while being adjusted.

      Nancy A.
      "Best chiropractor around"

      Best chiropractor around. Dr. Toth is amazing. I’ve been going to all kinds of different healing modalities for 25 years trying to heal my neck and after seeing him on a regular basis, my neck pain is a thing of the past, now I see him regularly just for tuneups. Solid guy, great new office.

      Steven K.
      "Definitely recommend this office"

      Dr. Toth is an amazing healer and his staff could not be more friendly or helpful. Definitely recommend this office to help get you to 100%!

      Jeanne J.
      "It Was Totally Worth It!"

      I just had my first chiropractic adjustment 4 days ago from Dr. Toth. He was courteous and professional. He took his time with me and made me feel at home in his office. His staff was friendly and welcoming. He gave me a fantastic adjustment and I have experienced a noticeable change in how I feel. I feel relaxed and far more free of pain. I hope it lasts till my next appointment which is a few weeks away. Even if it didn't, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!

      Ryan K.
      "Dr Toth is great at what he does!"

      Dr Toth is great at what he does! High quality adjustments with professional care. Great attention to detail and very open to all feedback. I recommend Dr Toth for all your chiropractic and alignment needs. His advice on sleeping posture as well proper insoles for my shoes have made all the difference in my daily comfort and mobility.

      Rayanna T.
      "The best I've experienced in Santa Rosa."

      I've been receiving maintenance (and occasionally acute need) treatments from Dr. Toth for several years now, and I recommend his work wholeheartedly. While I thought he was very good when I first started seeing him (obviously enough to keep coming back), it has been especially remarkable to experience his growth as a care provider; as a posture & movement therapist myself, I am very particular about my own care, and while I have experienced many chiropractors' work (and could certainly recommend a few others), Dr. Toth is head and shoulders the best I've experienced in Santa Rosa. I appreciate his continuous learning in his own field (where I understand he is involved in a leadership role within the greater community of caregivers), as well as in related fields, such as nutrition, yoga & meditation. His office is clean and very peaceful, and his staff most helpful and welcoming. Two thumbs up!

      Shy S.
      "Can't imagine trusting anyone else with my chiropractic care."

      I have been seeing Dr. Toth for just over a year now and highly recommend his services. I initially came in with complaints of back pain and constant headaches. After following his treatment plan and recommendations, my symptoms have disappeared. I have continued care strictly on a maintenance level to prevent any reoccurrences. Dr. Toth is always willing to answer any questions I might have and is never pushy about his recommendations. The front office staff is amazing and willing to accommodate my schedule. I'm almost always able to come in the same day I call! I am now 4 months pregnant and can't imagine trusting anyone else with my chiropractic care.

      Meagan G.
      "Can’t thank the team here enough"

      Dr. Toth and his staff have help me and my family. We always get the best care and Dr. Toth is very professional and answers any and all questions we have. They set you up with the best treatment plan to getting you back to feeling great. Can’t thank the team there enough. I recommend this office to anyone I know and don’t for all chiropractic needs.

      Amy P.
      "I really appreciate that he goes the extra mile."

      I love going to visit Dr. Doug. I’ve seen him for some ongoing health maintenance for several months and I always leave feeling better and more energetic. I’ve even gone in when I had a headache or had pulled my back and I felt great after the treatments and my aches and pains disappeared. He always manages to get in some good advice, a new perspective, or some stretches or such that help and I really appreciate that he goes the extra mile. His holistic approach is very accessible, in other words he’s not too new agey, and he is a joy to be around. His office staff is fabulous too. I would recommend Doug to anyone looking for a chiropractor, and I don’t take my medical professional recommendations lightly!

      Christina N.
      "Absolute life saver for me."

      Dr. Toth had been an absolute life saver for me. He has been extraordinarily helpful when my back has gone out - allowing me to continue to work and even travel. He has equipped me with tools/stretches/exercises to work on at home. His office is a peaceful healing environment that never fails to make me a feel better.

      Jessica A.
      "This is definitely the place to go."

      I have been seeing Dr. Toth for over 3 years now and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. I suffer from migraines and frequently need adjustments on a whim. They are always accommodating and I can always count on getting the relief I need. He is great about explaining what is wrong and working to help find the solution that works for me. From infants to elderly patients, this is definitely the place to go. I know that I will be a lifelong patient.

      Jenna B.
      "Wonderful Doctor"

      Wonderful, friendly, helpful staff. Dr. Toth helped me discover I had osteoarthritis in both of my hips. He's a wonderful doctor, easy to listen to and obey, especially when it comes to stretching which I totally resist. Thank goodness for Dr. Toth

      Tee B.
      "Excellent chiropractor"

      Excellent chiropractor with different approaches available for adjustments. Customized treatment. Office manager is welcoming and very helpful.

      Lannie M.
      "Very comfortable"

      I have dealt with chronic lower back pain for years and visited several chiropractors for relief. It was not until I found Dr Toth that I actually noticed a difference in my everyday comfort level. Dr Toth not only provided adjustments but included stretching techniques tailored to my specific issues. His office is also very comfortable, clean and his team is so friendly and kind. I absolutely recommend Dr Toth’s office if you’re in search of a chiropractor that listens and cares.

      Kemplen R.
      "Really professional"

      Great experience! Really professional care and didn't pressure me into coming back or try to sign me up for months of appointments.

      Christopher H.
      "Helps relieve the pain"

      Excellent chiropractor! I dated a chiropractor so I’ve had lots of adjustments over the years. Dr Toth always seems to know where the issues are and helps relieve the pain. I go in stoved up I leave with new flexibility.

      Susanna J.
      "Amazing at what he does"

      I've gone to Dr Toth numerous times throughout the years and find him to be amazing at what he does. He's one of the nicest guys I know and had a great ability to effectively diagnose and treat a couple different conditions that had me limping into the office. If you're dealing with back pain, I truly can't recommend Dr Toth enough.

      Adam M.
      "Fantastic chiropractor!"

      Fantastic chiropractor! This man made it possible for me to walk after my doctors gave me shots in my back and threw their hands in the air with no diagnosis. Toth chiropractic took me in immediately and found the issue and handled it like pro’s. I’ve been going for regular maintenance for a few years now. I highly recommend Toth Chiropractic! Good people and great results.

      Momma T.
      "Developed a partnership and lasting friendship"

      I have been a patient of Dr. Toth for nearly 30 years. I remain extremely active physically and continue to bike, run, surf, do yoga, and sail at peak performance due, in large part, to him. He and I have developed a partnership—and lasting friendship might I add—to keep me healthy and active. He has helped me eliminate pain, heal injuries, ward off colds, and remain flexible. It's my pleasure to give him the highest rating.

      Grant S.