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Slipped Disc Treatment

Slipped Disc


For those who are seeking treatment for a slipped disc, chiropractic care is a viable option to consider. While many individuals believe that this condition will inevitably lead to surgery, the truth is that in cases where pain control is the main goal, chiropractic treatment is the best solution.

The way in which discs operate as shock absorbers and distributors between each vertebra of the spine means that when they are out of place, the spine cannot function properly. While there are several factors that may lead to a slipped disc, the important thing to remember is that you have more than one option when it comes to treatment.

Dr. Douglass Toth has the knowledge and experience necessary to realign the vertebrae, allowing for the nerves to gain greater mobility once again and for the discs to be relieved. Additionally, one of the best parts is that chiropractic treatment for a slipped disc means no surgery and a drug-free recovery.

Treatments of chiropractic care can correct misalignment and return you to a state of wellbeing. Contact Dr. Douglass Toth today by calling 707-526-1390 or email us to schedule an appointment for your slipped disc treatment today.