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Santa Rosa Chiropractic Advises Good Driving Posture

Chiropractic therapy is effective in treating pain and discomfort from chronic muscle tension. Every day my patients complain of shoulder pain, neck pain and low back pain from patterns of muscle tension that buildup over time. At our Santa Rosa Chiropractic office patients get relief by delivering gentle adjustments to correct the problems that develop […]

Chiropractor for Pregnancy in Santa Rosa Ca

Back pain is usually the result of a sudden severe strain or a repetitive low grade strain on the body.  When this kind of force overwhelms the body’s ability to stay balanced then we become injured and must seek treatment. Pregnancy is like a repetitive low grade strain on the body because it changes the […]

Cinco do Mayo Recipes

Trying to figure out what to have for dinner on Cinco de Mayo? Tacos and margaritas are a great go-to but here are a few other awesome choices that will be easy to whip up on a weeknight. Smoky Snapper with Avocado Verde Sauce Ingredients: -2 4-6 ounce snapper fillets -1 tsp smoked paprika -1 […]

Food Day Tuesday

Most people don’t like quinoa. I agree it is a bit weird, you’re eating a seed. But when cooked right you have a new amazing source of complete protein to add to your diet. This recipe is delicious. It is a perfect addition to bring to the many potluck BBQs you’ll be invited to this […]

10 Tips to Avoid the Chiropractor

Want to avoid the Chiropractor? Don’t injure yourself. Follwo these ten tips will keep you feeling great so you can maintain active in your lifestyle! 1. Posture! Be attentive of how you’re sitting, standing, bending. 2. Stretch! Keeping your body limber and flexible will keep you injury free. 3. Take breaks! Don’t stay attached to […]

Tuesday Food Day!

A new series for the Joy of Health Blog. Here to teach you that healthy doesn’t have to be boring – Healthy is delicious too! Each week we will be taking some favorite, comfort, fatty foods and turning them into low fat, delicious little morsels for you to add to your weekly meal plans. Do […]

Superfoods – Worth the Hype?

A little background:  The term superfoods was originally used in a nutrition journal.  Aaron Moss said  “Humans have many options when it comes to fueling their bodies, but the benefits of some options are so nutritious that they might be labeled as superfoods.”  The key is here is “might be labeled” as a superfood.  Nutritionists and […]


Unfortunately, stress has become a part of our daily lives.  Between picking up the kids, meal planning, working, parenting, having a social life, bill paying, extracurricular activities, debt, school, we are all running through crazed stress-filled lives. It is important to remember to stay healthy through it all.  Some tips to staying stress free – […]