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Tips for New Moms

Being a new mom is an exhilarating experience of jumping into the unknown.  Your life changes rapidly and everything takes on a new and beautiful focus.

In this experience of change, your body is not left behind!

Not only does the birth of a baby traumatize your abdomen and pelvis but now you are adopting new postures to carry, transport, and feed your baby.

A couple of words of advice while navigating this transition:
Be sure that you see a chiropractor to balance any misalignment from the birth process
Move and stretch frequently to remain flexible
Place mirrors around the house where you spend the most time breast feeding so that you can look at you baby in the mirror while you nurse instead of looking down; this will save you neck tremendous strain.

There are wonderful pillows and orthotics that can support your body while sleeping, nursing and carrying your baby that can reduce strain on your body, I recommend shopping for what you need.

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