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Think Before Medicating

The battle against coughs, sneezes, congestion, fevers, sore throats, and intestinal diarrhea is most commonly fought with medicines that suppress these symptoms of disease.  But what if they weren’t symptoms of disease and were instead symptoms of health?

Yes, when a virus or bacteria gets out of control, we express these symptoms, but the purpose they serve is to heal the infection and restore balance.

  • We secrete mucus as our immune system envelopes the infection, which gives our body the opportunity to detoxify.
  • We cough to expectorate the mucus and to bring circulation to the surface of the skin in our throat, which helps white blood cells battle infection.
  • Coughing and sneezing powerfully exercise our auxiliary muscles of respiration and bring exaggerated circulation to areas of our body that usually get by with less.
  • Fevers create a hazardous environment for bacteria, who thrive at lower body temperatures, and create a sweat, which also detoxifies the body.

The bottom line is that often when we suppress body symptoms with suppressing medicines, we prevent the body from activating its healing mechanisms to properly fight the infection.

Sometimes suppressing medicines can be useful, but honoring our bodies’ natural ability to heal by allowing infections to run their course can result in stronger long-term health.

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